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The Anthropocene Hymnal

The Anthropocene Hymnal: Songs of a self-defining era by [Ingrid Wilson]

I’m pleased to be part of Ingrid Wilson’s project, The Anthropocene Hymnal: Songs of a self-defining era, “A poetic response to the joint crises of climate change and biodiversity loss. Featuring the work of internationally-renowned and bestselling poets including Gabriela Marie Milton, Ivor Steven and Sherry Marr. Voices from five continents join in song to protest the damage we are doing to our only home, planet earth: these ‘songs of a self-defining era’ are the poems which comprise The Anthropocene Hymnal”.

Some of my poems are included, and that’s my collage on the cover.

Available on Amazon in both print and kindle versions, and read Ingrid’s post for information on obtaining a PDF copy. All profits will be donated to the WWF.

#Water is Life


Eyes of the river–
guard this land, hold and shelter
our roots, seeds, our life

Forgive us these lost minds, blind,
afraid, estranged—bring them home

A tanka for Colleen’s challenge #11, that also incorporates this week’s words from the secret keeper.

The President-elect’s environmental policies are troubling.

Linking in 2020 to Earthweal.  That last sentence proved to be an understatement, to say the least….


Headline Haiku: The Future Belongs To…

the future belongs 2s

This new ground:  where are
the paths for technology
itself and how now?

Once again, a ubiquitous ad campaign, this one by Hewlett-Packard, caught my eye and got me thinking.  This page, from “Bits”, a technology section of the NY Times, announced that “the future belongs to the fast”.

future belongs on hangar s

Obviously, they’ve never read Aesop.

What do I want in MY future?  More technology or more trees?

future tree s

Trees grow slowly, adapting themselves to their surroundings.  They need a healthy environment to thrive.  They are in it for the long term, and the nourishment they give back from what they take in provides life for generations to come.

the future belongs 1s

Technology does not consider or care about context.  Corporations are profit-making machines.  They want the most they can get right now.  The court says they are people:  “people” who are greedy, rude, inconsiderate, self-centered, and without morals or integrity, I’d say.  (Or was that politicians?…)  But I digress.

how now s

Should we be gifting our future to “the fast”?  Or should we be planting trees and saving the web of life that is our home?

Just asking.

Once again, the words for the haiku came from headlines in the newspaper section where the ad appeared.  Arrangement by me. Advertisement by Hewlett-Packard and the NY Times.  Stitched tree over ad by me.  And you can see my past Headline Haiku here:  https://methodtwomadness.wordpress.com/?s=headline+haiku