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a fool’s errand

sorry charlie fool s

up your
heels, make it
snappy—twist and
shout, whistle while you
work—cut loose, horse around,
let the cat out of the bag–
let it all hang out—rise and shine,
get the show on the road, get it off
your chest—chime in, toot your horn—kiss and tell

A bit of fun, using synonyms for spring and sing, Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday prompt words this week.  When I was looking at the thesaurus for synonyms, all the stock phrases jumped out at me, reminding me of a post I did a few years ago.  I’ve recycled the art and the idea into an etheree.

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sojourned_imagine s

asks nothing
of its travels,
expanding into
mosaic-lined pathways.
The way is tangled, over
grown.  It breathes green—magnified in
superimposition, molecules
scattering space into layers of songs.
Questions shrink calcified, mineralized,
undone and unspoken, visceral,
lost, unsettled by reflection.
All directions are the same.
The heart beats mesmerized,
soundless and riddled
with light, cocooned,

Inspired by Sue Vincent’s photo, above, and Colleen’s words this week, mystery and attract, a double etheree.

imagine close up s

Who/what are we?  a mystery.


possibilities 4s

fill with
ancient woodsong–
earth provides a bier,
untroubled by short days,
groves of lengthening shadows–
sleeping undisturbed, deep, waiting,
threads gather in anticipation–
life awakening to become itself

possibilities close up 1s

Ethereee for Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday words, afraid and grave.

Also linked to dVerse open link night.

Quandaries of Wayfaring

quandaries of wayfaring s

branches that
conjure open
the cloisters of clouds–
revenant voyagers
securing figments that reflect
tomorrow’s revolving always–
reformulated problems of light
that pirouette–changelings shifting the sun

quandaries close up s

An etheree for Colleen’s #tanka Tuesday with synonyms for haunt and spell.


A Strange Beauty

strange beauty comp s

a strange beauty magnetic s

I consulted the Oracle with Colleen’s #Tanka Tuesday words–creepy and color.

strange beauty close up s

The Oracle is definitely tuned into World Weather.  The poetic form is etheree.

sky moans in
shadow music–
purple languages
of dreams drunk on black blues–
stormmist spraying chanted screams
on mad frantic whispering winds–
unrisen suns sleepwalking beneath
a moonless sea crying beauty and blood.

The art shows the underpainting on the left, and the finished painting photographed in two different lights, middle and right.

strange beauty 3s

This one is photographed with overhead light.