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amabie s

healing spirit rises
from the sea

I missed Draw-a-Bird Day in March.  Amabie is not exactly a bird, but they have a bird beak.  A Japanese Yokai spirit, Amabie has reappeared recently in fresh interpretations all over the world.  The image of the Yokai itself is supposed to act as a charm against infectious disease.

Mine is a bit more fierce than most, but I feel the ferocity is warranted.  You can read more about Amabie, and see some gentler interpretations, here and here.

Tomorrow starts NaPoWriMo!  As Nina is still on haitus, I will be posting each day at my blog https://kblog.blog/.  Join in!

on tides

jm9c s

to be weight
less, sparkling colors
in water
or air, caught
ungrounded and threaded with
invisible light

My post for Day 15 of NaPoWriMo–better late than never I guess (wordpress has not been cooperative this morning either)–is inspired by Sue Vincent’s photo prompt, above.  I went off the edge of the page for my response.

jm9c left s


jm9c mid s


Shark on Slate

A found piece of slate which might break at any time. Art is ephemeral. 

And a small fish on slate.  


Some Florida fish

From a poster in a seafood restaurant although these don’t look like good eating to me. 

Another little oddball: 


Two Fish

Another frisket experiment which looks like a children’s book illustration (or to be honest, a drawing done by a child). I learned that if you dip the brush in soap you can use the frisket without messing up the brush. I’ve always painted leaving the white glint but frisket makes leaving white much easier. So I will continue to experiment with this interesting tool. 

Three day quote: day three

A great quote from the women’s liberation movement. 

Vermilion Darter

darter painting s

The vermilion darter is found only in Alabama in the Turkey Creek Watershed.  It is critically endangered by development, both urban and industrial.

darter collage s

The runoff of sediment and toxic chemicals changes this habitat not only for fish, but for the aquatic insects they eat (and for humans I might add…polluted water is not good for humans either!).  The populations have also been fragmented,  which disrupts breeding.

darter drawing s


You can see more endangered species posts here:  https://methodtwomadness.wordpress.com/category/painting/endangered-species/



Only a few thousand Azraq killifish remain in the wetland in Jordan.  Scientists are working to restore the natural habitats in order to save the species.  My painting is deceptively large; they are actually 1-2″ long.