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Secret Garden

secret garden blk s

seeks her
center point,
eyes of the stars
calling, crying.  They
catch her throat.  She cannot
hear the fleeting glimpses, night
birds sounding indigo, feathers
holding metamorphosis.  But now

the flower has fallen. The raised hand
reaches on a whisper, snaking
through questions, labyrinthine.
Conjure thee O Hera:
invoke ancient song.
Transform what is

File:Marie Spartali Stillman - A lady with peacocks in a garden, an Italianate landscape beyond.jpg

Jane Dougherty’s challenge this week was once again a painting (above) and the words:  indigo, cry, night bird, fleeting, forbidden

secret garden close up s

So here’s a woman, a garden, peacocks.  Peacocks are sacred to Hera, and a woman in a garden…just rethinking that story a bit.