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is is not

Desire is hidden
up our sleeves, playing us with

Joker’s wild with make-believe
(better hide those foolish hearts)

I’ve bent everything here–prompts, forms, words, cards.

The prompt words are from Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday, but liberties have been taken with the tanka.  Also inspired by–although not really following–the dVerse pentimento prompt (well, pentimento does mean “to repent” in Italian), and a poem I wrote awhile ago based on Laura Nyro’s “Flim Flam Man”.

I do love that Joker/Fool card too.

Take a Wild Guess Day: Joker’s Wild

joker sTake a wild guess–what’s in my hand?
Gobbledygook?  Only a joke?
Hullabaloo?  Mirrors and smoke?

Juggle to play–where will they land?
Diamonds and kings?  Jack and a Trump?
Ace in the hole?  Or just a hunch?

Song and a dance–strike up the band!
Monkeys are here–business to make–
Chickens are counted–won’t calculate.

Quick!  Heads or tails?  Where do you stand?
Not fair at all?  Surely you jest–
I’m just a card–take a wild guess.

Constanza poem answering Jane Dougherty’s weekly challenge.

Take a Wild Guess Day, playing along with the Doodlewash month of celebratory days.

Artwork is an old piece done for an Illustrator class, 16 or 17 years ago.  A friend was getting a new computer and sold me her old one with a bunch of graphics programs included; it died after a couple years, as did my computer graphics explorations.

And another April fool.

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