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June 2021

long green days
open like roses
like fresh dreams

fragrances whispered
into clear blue skies

That’s my hope for June anyway.

June 2019

june19 grid s

june poem magnetic

summer sky sings
away shadow music
into gardens of sealight–
daydreams shining beneath
an enormous jeweled sun

The Oracle gave me a sunny day.  I needed it.


June 2017 More Water Lilies

waterlilies june 17 s

Water lilies—mirrored
sky holding deep dreams, rampant
with riotous light

Another Monet-inspired grid.  Happy June!

It’s June!

June fan black s

March went out like a lion
A whippin up the water in the bay
Then April cried and stepped aside,
And along come pretty little May!
May was full of promises
But she didn’t keep ’em quickly enough for some
And a crowd of doubtin’ Thomas’s
Was predictin’ that the summer’d never come

But it’s comin, by gum,
We can feel it come,
You can feel it in your heart
You can see it in the ground

You can see it in the trees
You can smell it in the breeze

Look around! Look around! Look around!

June is bustin’ out all over
All over the meadow and the hill!
Buds’re bustin’ outa bushes
And the rompin’ river pushes
Ev’ry little wheel that wheels beside the mill!

–Rodgers and Hammerstein, from “Carousel”

My mother loved Broadway musicals, and she played her record albums over and over.  These songs are imprinted in my memory.  So June…it’s bustin out all over!  I decided to make my monthly grid bust out from it’s square form too, and when I finished and looked at it I realized…well, you can’t escape your influences.

Miriam Schapiro fan

Miriam Schapiro fan

You can see and hear “June is Bustin’ Out All Over”, with choreography by Agnes de Mille, from the 1956 film of “Carousel”, here:  https://www.ncfr.org/news/zippy-weekly-videos/june-bustin-out-all-over-rhs-carousel-1956