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Kerfe’s Collage 12/14

A work drawing. Got a bottle of Wite Out and did the stars with the tine of a plastic fork. Necessity is the mother of invention. 

More creatures

i am feeling the pressure. Kerfe took off for the beach leaving me Nina to entertain you. I need to paint/draw and post the proof here on Method Two Madness. 

Kerfe is a tough act to follow. Technically she is light years ahead of me. Her posts have multiple images, connected by some beautiful ideas and words. She is what I consider a very intellectual and disciplined artist and she has become a consummate blogger.  

I basically just put up whatever I just finished with one image. This one is gouache, watercolor, pencil and I wish I hadn’t outlined the horned creature. I like the ruins on the left hand side but I may cut this one up into something else. Thanks as always for stopping by. 


Watercolor, gouache, pencil.