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National School Librarian Day

m grad s

…that would be my mother Middie.

Charlie at Doodlewash is sponsoring a month of celebrated days, and April 4 is National School Librarian Day.  My mother worked in elementary school and high school libraries, but ended up in junior high school.  My favorite story was the time she told a student to stop messing with his rubber snake and give it to her…he threw it over and it was a real snake! (she claimed she didn’t flinch)

This topic also segues nicely into the NaPoWriMo prompt to write a family poem.  My mother and I had a contentious relationship, particularly during my adolescence, and another cleave poem seemed just right to express our particular brand of love.

 km comp


I was born  you were born
into potential  future unknown
open  uncertain
growing  learning
difficult  ambivalent
contradictory  vulnerable
I yell  you cry
you cry  I yell
you don’t hear me  you don’t listen
look at me  acknowledge me
listen to me  talk to me
I need support  I need respect
I am afraid of losing you
hold my hand
I love you

Thank your local government if the schools still have functioning libraries.  Work to put them back if they don’t.  And a tip of the hat to all the people who keep our libraries alive.

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