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June 2019

june19 grid s

june poem magnetic

summer sky sings
away shadow music
into gardens of sealight–
daydreams shining beneath
an enormous jeweled sun

The Oracle gave me a sunny day.  I needed it.



moonflower s

moonflower magnetic lai nouveau s

In honor of this month’s May flower full moon, the Oracle gave me a lai nouveau.  I know dVerse has moved on to the ghazal already, but I’m not ready yet for June which is still a full week away.

moonflower close up s

the moon a flower
cloud air and water
wild gardens wander
secrets uncover
we follow after
blossoming color

shine over summer
spring fall and winter
beneath blue murmur
listen as nature’s
soul fills
cloud air and water
the moon a flower


sailing the mares of night

sailing the mares s

sailing the mares magnetic s

The Oracle gave me another lai, the featured poetic form at dVerse for May.  She began with darkness and ended with light.  They are always switching places it seems.

saling the mares close up s

what blackness this storm?
it covers the moon
and sky

beneath shadowed dream
wind remakes the when
of why

time sings of spring sun
the light whispers come–
don’t cry


surrounded s

surrounded magnetic s

I consulted the Oracle this morning and ended up with a Lai poem, the featured form at dVerse for May.  The rhymes are pretty slanted, but the message suits this fine morning that has cleared from grey to breezy blue.

surrounded close up s

I’m posting this for NaPoWriMo, but I may try the Shakespeare prompt later if I have time.


Pink Moon

pink moon pink s

pink moon magnetic s

The Oracle is, as always, right.  Even though the clouds are covering the moon, I’m singing with Aretha and the wind.

pink moon close up 2s

bitter language will not
chase away the raw shadows

chant your blues
into the sky–
ask the wind to sing with you
beneath this pink moon



the secrets of magic

the secrets of magic s

the secrets of magic magnetic s

Who better than the Oracle to consult about today’s NaPoWriMo prompt –life in this mysterious world?

Why are our hearts
dancing the blue dark

fooled by the lost voices
haunting the holes
in the night sky?

We should be sailing
on the rhythm of star oceans

openings surrounded by
the secrets of magic clouds




dawn 3s bright

dawn magnetic

I think the Oracle had already had enough questions for me today.  She was clear, short, and sweet.

dawn painting original s

she is a child of the morning–
sky cloud dancing on air
with secret blue starfire

NaPoWriMo will no longer let me post a link to my work on their site.  I’ve tried different computers and different browsers with no success.  So you won’t find me there. But I’ll still be writing every day and posting here.



springsong mandala s

springsong magnetic s


The Oracle is gently optimistic this weekend.

springsong mandala close up s

trust the evening sky
to receive the voices
of the night–
wishes dreaming in music,
filling every sound with flowers–
a language of dances
and winged stars



march moon 3s

spring moon magnetic s

Nina gave me a magnetic board for consulting the Oracle.  This was her first message…of course she had to mention this week’s full moon!

march moon 4s

In between all the rain and wind, it was a clear, if misty, night.  I like the way the moon mirrored the streetlight rising over the buildings too.

march moon 1s

breathe spirit from within
be nothing but a moon song
speaking with the wind

march moon2s


over and over


never ending

eternity magnetic s

What dark fire is this
melting the air with fresh blood?
endless broken days,

ghost voices lingering in
an eternity of tears