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bone marrow blood s

I will make
my own potion, thank
you.  If it’s
unclear to
your eyes, that’s only a sign
of muddled vision.

(although it’s
not a test—not at
all!)   Focus
on what lies
beneath.  Muse in the quiet
of the space between.

potion close up comp

Collage based on a microscopic photo of bone marrow blood.  I first made a background of the ocean, then cut up a painting I hadn’t used for anything, then glued some tissue paper on top to get some transparency.

blood orig s

The words are from
the secret keeper
Weekly Writing Prompt #30
(5) Words: | TEST | POTION | MUSE | OWN | SIGN |

I’ve read quite a few poetic responses and they all express a different and singular point of view.  A very fertile word grouping!