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July 2021 with blue door

let yourself be
enchanted with each moment
as it appears

July makes me long for the ocean, so my grid is composed of ocean doors. But I also found a blue house door into the garden level of a brownstone that makes me think its owners are reminding themselves too every day of the sea.

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waves s

vast, rhythmic
gathering, devouring, relinquishing
lunar compass that weaves

This didactic cinquain is in response to Colleen’s tanka Tuesday prompt words, give and receive, and Sue Vincent’s photo prompt of waves, below.

My art at the moment is very round. This mandala is watercolor, which was then monoprinted with acrylic, and watercolored again.

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on tides

jm9c s

to be weight
less, sparkling colors
in water
or air, caught
ungrounded and threaded with
invisible light

My post for Day 15 of NaPoWriMo–better late than never I guess (wordpress has not been cooperative this morning either)–is inspired by Sue Vincent’s photo prompt, above.  I went off the edge of the page for my response.

jm9c left s


jm9c mid s


Pure Haiku Ocean Series

ocean photo pure haiku s

Thanks to Freya Pickard for choosing one of my poems for her Ocean Series.  You can see it here.

sand s


blue space 2

blue raven s

silhouette transformed–
matter into spirit—lore
guides the willing eye

blue raven close up s

Suzanne at Calm and Chaos inspired me with her post this morning.  I also used Colleen’s words to illustrate my initial reaction to the first photo in Suzanne’s post.


water, light, air

waves pencil 1s

these waves like children–
splashing colors and laughing
back and forth between

wind breathes through water, dancing
with incandescent reply

I didn’t do much drawing at the beach this year, but I did take my art supplies down to the water one day, battling both the errant waves and the wind.  I also took many photos, but my adventures with camera settings means they need a lot of work.

waves pencil 2s

Tanka using Colleen’s prompt (in loose association); drawings in ink and watercolor pencils.


July 2017

july 16 grid s

May your seas harbor
a transparent clarity
that mirrors your heart.

A grid and haiku for summer and July, using Colleen’s prompts for the week.


dazzle blk 2s

dazzle magnetic

ferocious fever of wild ocean
drinking colored fire
of melting sky
born breathing broken glass
from magic windows
laughing voices dazzle with joy



Water Sky Sea

sea sketch 1s

azure purple white moving lines
rhythmic rolling surf blurring time
slowly curls rise melancholy
echo clouds in water sky sea

hover shadows keep sounding gulls
transparent foam white indigo
layered closely blending grey green
echo clouds in water sky sea

moving towards retreating under
breaking colors shattered tendered
patterns cover pause sigh reveal
echo clouds in water sky sea

dreams becoming tangled with light
days saturating into night
voices rise now surrounding me
echo clouds in water sky sea

gold aureola prideful moon
pulls silence into thundered dune
footprints wait where I used to be
echo clouds in water sky sea

sea sketch 2s

I took my pen and colored pencils down to the beach, and once again attempted to draw the waves.  But mostly I sat, hypnotized in reverie.

The poem uses the secret keeper’s words for the week
and, yet again, repetition.  I think I’m still caught in the rhythm of the ocean.  And there will be more because Jane has a sea and sky prompt this week too.

A Gift From the Sea

bone sketch bottom s

at rest in between
sea and land, water and wind
shaping spanning time

bone sketch top s

This year was not a good one for collecting shells.  But one morning on a walk along the beach, my daughters and I found, half-buried in the sand, a piece of what appears to be a sea turtle bone.

bone photo comp

I drew it from both sides, and I also took photos.

bone side comp

Only in the close up can you see the subtle lines of the shell.

bone close up s

Once home I looked up sea turtle skeletons online.

sea turtle skeleton s

Sea turtles are one of the few creatures to have both an internal and external skeleton.

sea turtle bone s

And of course this must go in Nina’s turtle shell collection!  I will give it to her the next time we meet for lunch.

You can read more about sea turtle anatomy here.