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My collage/poem “The Alternate Inaugural Address 2017” is up at the ERASE-TRANSFORM Poetry Project:  “Beginning with the inauguration speech, we seek submissions that take that rhetoric and draw out life-affirming poetry.”

new speech 3s

I printed out Trump’s inaugural speech and cut up all the words and put them in an envelope, selecting nine words to use for my poem.

new speech 4s

The rest of the words I glued randomly in an overlapping spiral around a photo of the stars.

new speech 5s

In the center I collaged the speech I wish had been given that day.

new speech 6s

You can read more about the project and submit your own transformed speeches here.  And do read some of the other wonderful spirit-lifting poetic speeches that have been submitted.

new speech 7s

My thanks to editor Kelly Lenox for printing my poem/collage.  And thanks to Trish Hopkinson for her post about the project (and all the wonderful information she gathers for writers on her blog).