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Robin welcomes the day

robin bright s

song remains as light–
an aural after-image
reflected in green

opening the door to spring–
releasing the burdened night

I missed Draw-a-Bird Day yesterday (again!) but Colleen’s words for Tanka Tuesday were just right for a tribute to the earliest singer of my neighborhood’s dawn.


Cardinals (Draw-a-Bird Day)

neocolor cardinal s

vibrant, primary,
the first color
unfurling hope and renewal

watercolor cardinal s

gouache cardinal s

morning in April
grey stillness   light caught in trees
cardinal whistles

pencil cardinal s

flying cardinal s

on feathers the
air under wings flying
lines of lightness remembering
a song

stitched cardinal bs

We celebrate birds on the 8th of every month, but today, April 8, is the “official” Draw a Bird Day.  A-Wing and A-Way once again posted about the yearly celebration, and Laura at Create Art Everyday began the monthly series last year.  Nina and I are hosting until her schedule becomes more manageable.

You can read the story of the day’s origins here.  This cinquain is for Dorie Cooper, who began it all.

robin softly
appears as answer, as
laughter to soothe wounded spirits
look!  spring.

stitched robin bs

The cinquains answer Jane Dougherty’s challenge.  The haiku was the original NaPoWriMo poem I wrote for this post.

Artwork details, from top to bottom:  neocolor, watercolor, gouache, colored pencil, ink with colored pencil.  I recently found the stitched birds in a bin in my closet; at one time I made embroidered bird napkins in the hopes of selling them, and these are from my prototypes.

To join in, put a link to your drawing or poem (poets welcome!) in the comments below, by copying and pasting the https for your post.  We will do a round-up of all the birds sometime next week.

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