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Rocks for a Pandemic

Kerfe encouraged me to post the rocks I’ve been painting and distributing around my neighborhood. It makes me happy to think of a kid finding one and smiling.

A large rock I did for a friend’s garden. It’s a memorial rock for his son who died a few years ago. He liked it.

I don’t have any of these rocks in my possession now but people are starting to bring me rocks. My friend in Dallas sent me some and my neighbor brought back a big bag from Montauk.

It’s been a rough few months. I work in the medical field and every day I’m talking people down from the ledge. I hope everyone is doing okay. I will try to continue posting as often as I can. Stay safe!

Some folks watch t.v.

I paint rocks and twigs to amuse myself. These three have some added stuff like thread and beads. What can I say, I find it relaxing even though it’s something you would do at Arts and Crafts in summer camp.