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nineteen years (September 2020)

crisp clear sky–
leaves echo the wind
as time stops–

listen–ghostlight calls,
condensed into stars

blue light from the depths–
darkness emptying itself
into clarity

time stops once again–
leaves echo songs of the wind


My older daughter and I met at the farmer’s market last weekend, and sat on the Columbia campus afterwards drinking coffee and tea.  As we watched a monarch butterfly wandering above our heads, we remarked at the deep clear blueness of the sky.  It reminded us both of a September morning nineteen years ago.

September 2018/Leaf Koan

leaf grid s

sept 2018

almost dusk—color
deepens and rustles insect song–
thick light frosts the wind.

For Colleen’s 100th Tanka Tuesday celebration, she asked us to choose our own words for our poems.  I consulted the magnetic Oracle in two ways for my September leaf grid–the online one, and my refrigerator one, which is currently filled with Zen words.  Two very different views of the season.

why not magnetic

leaf grid close up 2s

between finding out
and insight lives the whispered
silence of why not


September 2017

sept puzzle comp

The stones merge, nearly invisible in the dappled landscape. Tones lose intensity and gain depth.  Light angles, low.  Shadows linger and lengthen, returning reflections.  Wanderings give way to pauses.  The air holds a shiver.

Crow calling my name–
the silence breaks, whispering–
footprints lost in leaves

sp7 close up s

Haibun for Colleen’s weekly poetry challenge.

sept print comp

The art is made from two monoprints that I cut up and rearranged.  Original prints above.

puzzle pieces s

And the puzzle pieces after my cutting.


I can make a different puzzle, too, anytime–the art exists only as a photo.


September 2016: the sky is filled with voices

sept 2016 grid wht s

How cool the breeze:
the sky is filled with voices–
pine and cedar trees

Onitsura is one of the masters of haiku, a contemporary of Basho.

For the grid, I painted a landscape in gouache, cut it into squares and rearranged it, and added circles cut from magazine photos on top.

September: The Beginning of Autumn

sea and fields s

the beginning of autumn–
the sea and fields
all one same green