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shell comp 3s

shell magnetic

The Oracle today was short and sweet.

wander into this sea-leaving
let the soul walk a spiral path
be the seed of moonlight
tendriled between secret vines


Beach I Ching 14


#21 Shih Ho    Justice

the search for truth
insisting on fairness
develop balance in all things

in proportion
everything connected
conscious awareness in circles

cutting out illusions
exposing the center of truth
the heart

alert mindful
truth and integrity
actions lead to consequences

looking deeply
wisdom decides action
everything is connected

thunder lightning
destruction and cleansing
rise up and cast out negatives

breathing growing
keep making connections
use power for the good of all

the quest for truth
stop speaking and listen
light revealing unobstructed

The truth
eyes open light shining
seeing through illusion and lies

I’ve been considering this hexagram since August.  The classical name for it is “Biting Through”, and the classical interpretations are all about punishment.  But the words “justice” and “truth” kept popping up as I searched through different translations and commentaries, and I think those words are closer to the spirit of the lines.

“The Quotable I Ching” actually called it Justice in one of its posts, suggesting that a look at the tarot card Justice would also provide insight.  And it did.

The cinquain cycle is a compilation of ideas from the various commentaries on Shih Ho that I read though and thought about as I looked at the hexagram.  As seems to be always the case, its wisdom is needed in the time and place the world is inhabiting right now.

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Beach I Ching 13

#38 opposition comp
#38 K’uei  Opposition

There is really no “us and them”–it’s all “us”.
–The Quotable I Ching

“The reverse side also has a reverse side.”
–Japanese proverb

diverging parts
dance of opposites
each becomes the other
the small looms large balancing
blinding light with silent singing
reconciliation in wonder

opposition close up 1s

It’s been quite awhile since my last Beach I Ching–last December in fact.  I took more photos at the beach this year, but I haven’t even gotten to the ones I took in 2015.  Still working on the arrangements from two years ago.

But they always seem to hit the spot.  Plenty of opposition to go around in the world right now.  K’uei is a good meditation for these times.

opposition close up 2s

The poem uses the Secret Keeper’s prompt words from this week

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Oyster Shells

oyster shells 2s

riding crested waves
drifting on currents landing
where sand meets sea

oyster shell 3s

Mostly oyster shells on the beach this year.

oyster shell 4s

That’s OK; I love to draw them with their subtle colors and convolutions.

oyster shells 1s

And I did!

Mixtape: Oldies (N) and New Goodies (K)

shells of my mind s

the shells of my mind: beach shells
we react violently, peacefully.

over that water I may see
what one has never seen
(or imagined to see)

egrets flying
love: not lying

please, stop crying.

–poem by Nina, illustrated by Kerfe

I found a bunch of my old poetry when I was cleaning.  A lot of it is in little sketchbooks with collages.  Thirty-five years ago I was both wordy and cryptic in my verse.  Probably even then I didn’t know what it meant, but there are images and phrases that still seem good to me.  So I thought to remake a few and send them off to Nina to illustrate.

shells of my mind close up s

Turns out Nina also has old poetry, so she sent a couple off to me for an exchange.  I don’t think she did any revisions on hers, but they were already short and clear and I had ideas for illustrations right away.  Any opportunity to draw shells…and I’ve just been reading about labyrinths.

And when Margo at Wordgathering posted her picture prompt this week, I was amazed to see how it echoed what I was doing for Nina’s poem.  Eerie.

legends drift s

Nina will post her illustration with my revised poem this morning…above is my original collage to accompany the original words.  Also cryptic.

Of Whelks and Water

whelk 1 2015 comp

I think I’ve got it straight now:  whelks live in temperate waters and are carnivores and scavengers.  A conch is a herbivore that lives in the tropics.  So my shells from North Carolina are whelks.  (http://ncseagrant.ncsu.edu/blog/2015/03/02/whats-in-a-name-conch-vs-whelk/)

whelks 2015s

I collected quite a few this year.  Usually they are a rare find.

whelk 2 2015 s

Being July 1, when thoughts turn to the beach (if they haven’t already), I thought I’d reprise my beach trip in May a bit.

ocean pencil drawing s

When I sat on the beach and tried to draw the ocean, I had a lot of trouble.  So I took some of my photos and printed them out and worked from those to draw and paint the waves.  The colored pencil drawing looks good, but it was so tedious to do I didn’t really finish.

painted ocean s

The watercolor was more fun, but doesn’t look like the ocean at all.

shell group 2015 1s

And just for good measure, more shells.

Happy July!


100-Day Project 72-77

days 72-77

songs are like tattoos
You know I’ve been to sea before
Crown and anchor me
Or let me sail away

Hey Blue, here is a song for you

72 blue green s

I know, I already used Joni Mitchell for green.  But “Blue”…wow, what a song.

I listened to it many times before the images really registered…

74 blue orange s

songs are like tattoos…
Ink on a pin
Underneath the skin
An empty space to fill in

75 blue red s

Well there’re so many sinking now
You’ve got to keep thinking
You can make it thru these waves
Acid, booze, and ass
Needles, guns, and grass
Lots of laughs lots of laughs

77 blue purple s

Everybody’s saying that hell’s the hippest way to go
Well I don’t think so
But I’m gonna take a look around it though

Blue I love you

postcard shell 1

here is a shell for you
Inside you’ll hear a sigh
A foggy lullaby
There is your song from me


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Beach I Ching 11

                #42 Yi       Blessing, Increase

#42 Yi
Blessing, Increase

Wilhelm calls this hexagram “the fundamental idea of I Ching.”

“If he sees good, he imitates it;
If he has faults, he rids himself of them.”

“Do not be selfish with your good fortune.  Spread your wealth.  When you are generous to others you are being generous to yourself as well.”  (ichingmeditations.com)

“A kind heart does not make demands or ask for recognition.”  (divination.com)

This is a joyful hexagram of inspiration and abundance.  But, as dreamhawk.com cautions:  “Hexagram 42 shows the need to be generous with the abundance we have been able to collect.”

Wilhelm again:
“To rule truly is to serve.”
“Increase of what is below at the cost of what is above is out-and-out increase, because it benefits the whole people.”

…Congress?  Anyone in charge out there listening…?

i ching 11 #42 s

I still have beach i chings from 2014 left to complete, but I did do a new set of photos this year at the beach.  They are very different in both shells used and feel.  At first look, I’m not as happy with them, but we’ll see what happens when it comes time to really examine and explore them.

In the meantime, I’m off for a long weekend of family visiting.  Back next week.

Oyster Shells

oyster shells 2015 comp

I don’t bring many oyster shells home from the beach with me, but I love to draw them.

oyster shells 2015 middle s

One is enough to keep me interested, but I also like the interactions of groups.

oyster shells first and last 2015

I always start out fairly tight and realistic, but just doing the same thing over and over in a short amount of time usually loosens things up.

To the Beach

shell mask 3s

Hope to return with some drawings and more Beach I Ching (although actually I haven’t finished with last year’s yet…)

I’ll be back after Memorial Day.  Nina will keep you entertained I’m sure.