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Goofing off

Just sitting here waiting for the clock to strike 5 so I can get out of here and start my weekend. I started drawing bugs and this is the result. Can’t seem to find my box of colored pencils at work so was limited to five colors. Darn, where did I put those anyway?

Katipo Spider

katipo spider

Some people find spiders to be creepy.  I like them.  Spiders help control the insect population without polluting the environment and they are wonderful weavers.

The Katipo spider is found only in sand dunes in New Zealand.  As you might expect from looking at it, it’s related to the Black Widow, and also has a nasty bite.  It is both non-aggressive and rarely seen, however, and bites are uncommon.  No deaths from bites have been reported since the 19th century.

The Katipo web is a hammock-like structure which resembles an irregular tangle of threads.  Invasive plants, as well as the introduction of non-native spiders, have contributed to the species’ decline.  And the ever-present (I feel like a broken record here) “habitat loss” due to human activity.  There are believed to be only a few thousand Katipo spiders left in the wild.

And the illustration?  A linoleum print, tweaked with red in Photoshop.

seaport 5

I’m on the South Street Seaport email list.  I’ve been getting notices for blockprint workshops for awhile, and last Sunday time and desire intersected.  It was one afternoon, a good re-introduction to something I’d last attempted in high school.  In just 3 hours, all six students produced distinctive blocks, and we got a poster to take home too.  I revised my block after a trial print, and I think I’ll tweak it a bit more if I have the opportunity (actually getting proper equipment for myself and–as always–time)

seaport 1

These workshops are offered monthly.  go to the South Street Seaport website for information.   http://southstreetseaportmuseum.org/education/workshops/     Thanks again, Ali and Eleanor.

seaport 6

They’re still cleaning up from Superstorm Sandy, but it’s looking good…plus it was India Day!

seaport 8