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mapping the wind s

I’m mapping the wind–
an idea to carry,
gravity released.

No more searching for lost words—
at the vertex, spiraling.

For Sue Vincent’s photo prompt, above, and Colleen’s poetry challenge with synonyms for inspiration and plan.

mapping the wind close up s

I’m still circling around.


That Which Hath Wings

spiral crows 2s

“Curse not the king, no, not even in thy thoughts, and curse not the rich in thy bedchamber; for a bird of the air shall carry thy voice, and that which hath wings shall tell the matter.” –Ecclesiastes 10:20

Black is for nothing
waiting—shadow bird, mirrored
particles of air

of skies that open
wings, hold inside the absent
voice that shatters all

which is, which becomes,
which hath grown darkness—veiled words
becoming matter—

Nothing is waiting,
nothing sings but the silence.
All is black on black,

formless, flying on
feathers’ breath, and all shall be
now and forever

nothing nothing no
thing nothing nothing nothing
nothing nothing no

cries no conjuring–
every thing zeros falls in
to black as black is–

Frank Tassone’s Haikai Challenge this week is “Raven”.  I have many a crow poem and many pieces of crow art in some form of completion, and this is a poem I’ve been worrying for awhile.  I changed its form recently from a series of shadormas to haikus.  I think the shorter stanzas are better.  But it’s still a work in progress.

Yesterday I was walking on 153rd Street, which borders Trinity Cemetery, and I heard some crows–then many many crows–looking up, a murder, circling and calling against the blue sky.  I haven’t seen that in the city before.  And I thought, well, I have artwork for that too.

What it signified I don’t yet know.

Go Make People Among Rain

go make people s

Go make people among rain
gather kin beneath the storm
hold the lost and the forlorn
go make people among rain

Ask the echoes to explain
watch silence being born
go make people among rain
gather kin beneath the storm

Dance the circle round again
dreams enchanted into form

chords of color greet the sun
singing verse into refrain

Go make people among rain

On May 25, Robert Okaji posted his beautiful translation of Wang Wei’s poem “Apricot House”.  He included the Chinese-poems.com transliteration of the original poem, and I was taken by the line from it, “Go make people among rain”.  Robert challenged me to take that line and make my own poem, which I did, based on a slightly altered Rondel form.

spiral s


Matisse Again: Color and Form

matisse spiral s

red letter day: red
alert, red hot, red carpet.
paint the town red red

I bought a postcard at the MOMA Matisse show that I liked because of its colors and exuberance.  I wanted to use it as inspiration for something, but a collage from a collage is always problematic for me.

matisse postcard s

out of the blue, wild
blue yonder:  once in a blue
moon, talk a blue streak

One of the videos in the show showed Matisse at work:  he just picked up a piece of paper and started cutting.  I loved that spontaneity.  But I didn’t want to cut the same shapes.  I collected some bright colors from my collage stash, and decided to fold them and cut, as in the snowflakes we all made as children.  But I didn’t really fold or cut them to be snowflakes; just fold, cut and see what happens.  I tried different layouts, first in a similar way to Matisse, but I ended up liking the spiral best.

paper cutting 2s

And I realized it really reminded me more of Mexican Paper Cut Banners, Papel Picado.  My own hybrid:  Mexico/Matisse.

little green apples.
little green men.  the grass is
always greener.

And I had fun with the color idiom haikus.