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Tree Spirit

tree sprit face tree 3s

I decided to re-photo my tree spirit doll.

tree spirit wood floor s

The wood floor was definitely a better background than either the starkness of white or black.

tree spirit sitting steps s

And sitting on the steps gave a little more life.

tree spirit front tree 2s

But then I had the idea to put the spirit into the tree waiting patiently inside for spring and its happier months outdoors.

tree spirit back tree s

tree spirit arm back tree s

tree sprit face tree s

Both tree and spirit enjoyed the interaction.  (and I had fun too)


Kerfe’s altar of spiritual energy

Kerfe is a very special friend in my life. She is actually one of the people I love best, for many reasons. We support each other artistically and try to boost each other’s spirits. I had been going through a low point and put together an altar of things Kerfe has given me over the years. When I pass by my mantle, I’ll stop and reflect on positive energy. Here’s what is there: two beautiful collages, my treasured spirit doll (on the left), a little figure she sent me which is very funny and cheerful, a decorated skull and another skull necklace. There are some other items not displayed, such as a very old painting of my cat Ace that Kerfe did probably in the late 1970’s. I am not a person who is very good at holding on to old friends but somehow my friend Kerfe has stayed in my life, for which I am very grateful!

Spirit Dolls

eye doll skeleton

It’s time for me to add some fiber to the mix.

I recently finished a spirit doll, a project of about two years.

Dolls are another of my obsessions.

My chain-stitched muslin dolls began, as usual, by accident.  We were moving; my daughter was packing and also getting rid of (a few) things.  At one of her birthday parties, the activity was decorating muslin dolls.  A minimalist, she put eyes and a big smile with markers, and attached a few pieces of yarn on top for hair.  She didn’t want to keep it.


But I thought, as I often do, “I could make something out of that.”  I had once seen a muslin doll that was partially decorated with embroidery in a magazine and filed in in my mind under “good ideas”.  here was my chance.

My daughter loved mermaids as a child.  So I began, secretly, to turn her creation into a mermaid.  It was complete just in time for her middle school graduation.

nina spirit doll

Since then I’ve also done a spiderwoman, a tiny skeleton, a spirit doll for Nina, a tree spirit, and my just-completed eye spirit doll.  I have plenty of ideas for more.  Check back in several years…