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summer in the city 2020

summer city 2s

dense with heat
drivers changing shifts
bus idles

gold headphones playing
by himself

skateboard clacks
over empty courts
echoed moves

line of carts
winds around corner
still waiting

masked hunger
distances between

heavy clouds
greyness falling now
lightning flash

summer city 2 close up 2s

For Frank Tassone at dVerse, a haiku sequence reflecting what I saw out my window this morning.

summer city 1b s

My monoprints were inspired by de Kooning, but somehow ended up looking more like Pollock.

summer city 2 close up s

June 2019

june19 grid s

june poem magnetic

summer sky sings
away shadow music
into gardens of sealight–
daydreams shining beneath
an enormous jeweled sun

The Oracle gave me a sunny day.  I needed it.


July 2016: Masses of Green

masses of green s

It is summer and the sun loves a million green leaves, masses of green.
–Carl Sandburg, “Mask”

masses of green close up s

I’ve used Carl Sandburg before to illustrate grids.  A folklorist and singer as well as a writer, his verse catches the rhythms of ordinary speech in vivid juxtapositions of image and sound.  I could conjure illustrations for every line.

green comp

To celebrate the first day of World Watercolor Month, sponsored by Charlie at Doodlewash, I painted a ground of green before stitching lines and then collaging an irregular grid with foliage from magazines.  After I did the green wash, I folded the paper to form the lines for the stitching.  They showed up a lot better before the colors dried.  I think maybe the paper was too wet to start with, but part of the idea this month is to try things out and learn from them.

You can read all of Sandburg’s poem, “Mask”, here.  “Your toes are singing to meet the song of your arms:” –but that’s for another day.

The Clouds and the Sea

the clouds and the sea s

It’s supposed to snow again tonight (it’s just too tempting to say “April Fool!”), so I’m going to think thoughts of warmer weather.  This collage was inspired by a watercolor done by Create Art Everyday that was titled “Spring Storm” (http://createarteveryday.com/2015/03/28/spring-storm/).

My collage leans more towards summer than spring, but it’s definitely looking forward to a change in the seasons…hello, spring?