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conjuring comp 2

Can today assume tomorrow? Time travels without a map, like branches reaching toward the sun.

staring into light
eyes enter mind, as presence
always becoming

Seeking the hour of forever, the question lingers: is it too late or too early?

with smoke and mirrors
the gaps confuse prediction–
nothing is revealed

top light s

This may or may not be a haibun, but it was composed for Colleen’s poetry challenge this week, once again incorporating prompt words from the Secret Keeper.  I was also inspired by the wonderful tree and light artistry of Sue Vincent and Claudia McGill.

bottom black s




Undream these endings.
Unspell these words caged by time.
Unsorrow this song.

Between stars watching.  Neither
old nor new.  At last, complete.


Once again, a combination:  Sue Vincent’s “Time” photo, above, inspiring a tanka that includes both Colleen’s weekly challenge words and the word prompts from the Secret Keeper.