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Turtle Netsuke: Kappa

kappa netsuke s

child of the river
I will bow to you, turning
the trick backwards, breath
of knowing healing spirit
spilling water into air

Continuing the turtle theme, I’ve drawn another Kappa netsuke.  I still think Kappa was an inspiration for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, though I can find no evidence online to back this up.  A river deity and trickster who tried to lure people and animals into water, he could himself be tricked into helping humans because of his obsession with politeness.  You can read more about Kappa in this post.

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A Gift From the Sea

bone sketch bottom s

at rest in between
sea and land, water and wind
shaping spanning time

bone sketch top s

This year was not a good one for collecting shells.  But one morning on a walk along the beach, my daughters and I found, half-buried in the sand, a piece of what appears to be a sea turtle bone.

bone photo comp

I drew it from both sides, and I also took photos.

bone side comp

Only in the close up can you see the subtle lines of the shell.

bone close up s

Once home I looked up sea turtle skeletons online.

sea turtle skeleton s

Sea turtles are one of the few creatures to have both an internal and external skeleton.

sea turtle bone s

And of course this must go in Nina’s turtle shell collection!  I will give it to her the next time we meet for lunch.

You can read more about sea turtle anatomy here.

Tortoise Shell

 turtle rorschach stitched s

Reading between the lines:
story or history?
Ancient tongues disguise words.

Who will translate the words?
Who will reveal the lines
inside the history?

Is the myth history?
Behind forgotten words,
shadows of missing lines.

Lines in reverse, tangle of words, unwinding history.

turtle rorschach orig sm

This is a Rorschach painting where I not only dripped the paint onto the paper, but did a little deliberate painting too before I folded it.  I thought it resembled a turtle/tortoise shell, so I embroidered an abstract one on top.

turtle rorschach stitched close up s

The poem is a tritina, from the day 7 prompt from NaPoWritMo.net.  Not too late this time.  Does it have anything to do with the illustration?  Good question.

poetry month

Junk Mail Art: Turtle

6 x 6 junk mail turtle

endless change    our eyes
opened    our feet contain both
highways and home

For many Native American tribes, turtle carries the weight of the earth on her back.  Her shell contains the heavens, her body the underworld, and sacred writings and maps cover the shell.  A symbol of creation, protection, and longevity, she is the keeper of the doors, the mediator between land and water, heaven and earth.

My collage is based on a Navajo turtle image.

Turtle Netsuke

turtle octopus netsuke s

You may notice that the turtle doesn’t look too happy here…that’s because Octopus, the attending physician of the Dragon King, sent him to steal a liver from a monkey, and he did not succeed.  In some stories the liver is supposed to cure the king, and in some the queen, but in all the monkey is able to fool the turtle and escape.

turtle monkey netsuke s

At least I think that’s what’s behind these netsuke.  There are many netsuke that feature other creatures on a turtle’s back.  It could just be that the tortoise is a symbol of good luck and longevity in Japan, and the other animal and its attributes are along for the ride.

More turtles to come.

And don’t forget Draw-A-Bird Day is tomorrow, March 8.

Green Sea Turtle

green sea turtle s

Sea turtles are not only beautiful creatures, they help to maintain seagrass beds and are an important part of the ocean ecosystem.  Human development of coastal areas pollutes and destroys these seagrass beds and jeopardizes turtle nesting sites on beaches.  Global and ocean warming also endanger turtle habitats.

Turtles are hunted for both eggs and meat, and  get caught in commercial fishing nets where they drown.  Another threat is the trade in turtle parts for use in traditional African and Asian medicine.