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I draw the Wheel of Fortune. My seasons are indeed turning.  I open maps, searching for a solid place to land.  Dazzled by paths that keep shifting, I am transported with a velocity that blurs the threads that have held me in the landscape my feet have raveled in the circles of my years.  The unknown spills across my limitations, beyond the boundaries traced by time.

Randomness and change
growing wings in transcendence–
radiant shadows

wheel of fortune 1 close up s
A haibun for Colleen’s #Poetry Challenge #92, using synonyms for bewitch and treasure.


Wheel of Fortune (X)

jm 13a s

Wheel turning over like a key
opening fate and chance and time.
In all directions destiny–
still center scatters fortune blind.

Lost in all possibility–
searching the hands and face for signs.
Wheel turning over like a key
opening fate and chance and time.

Shadowed by what may never be–
turning into a circled line–
all paths will mirror and rewind
exposing doors no one can see–

Wheel turning over like a key.

Day 27 of NaPoWriMo asks us to look to the Tarot for inspiration.   I’ve done the Wheel of Fortune before, but one of my watercolors based on Joan Mitchell’s “Blue Tondo” was a perfect fit.

The poetic form I used is Rondel.


Wheel of Fortune

wheel of fortune card s


faith:  universe
what goes around:  wheel
change is certain:  fortune

opportunity:  fortune
eternal surprise:  universe
transformation riddle karma:  wheel

the wheel rotating the wings of fortune of shadow descending ascending:  universe

When Marcy Erb posted her Tower bird tarot card, it reminded me that when she had previously posted the Wheel of Fortune, I meant to look for the one I had done long ago.  So I finally did.

I produced this Photoshop Wheel of Fortune when computers were toys, not necessities.  A friend who was a graphic designer sold me her old computer, complete with graphic programs.  I took a Photoshop class and had fun experimenting until all of a sudden I had lots of paying work and little playing time, and then the computer died.  I lost the thread of what I had been doing, but it’s fun to think about where the ideas might have gone had circumstances been different.

And the poem…perhaps a tritina.  At the very least, a nonet with a coda.

I’m taking a break until 2016.  Happy New Year to one and all!